Xrefresh – An automated refresh tool for web developers

OnĀ  Mac there is cool tool called CSSEdit, Which can write CSS lively and see the results without refreshing the browser. As I am using PC, I could not use this software. But I really wish if I could get one for PC that would be nice.

Couple of weeks back when I browsing through some website, I found Xrefresh, A software which will refresh the browser as you modify source file. And it will work on both Firefox and Internet Explorer. This software make it possible to do live page editing with your favorite HTML / CSS editor. It also supports mac.

If you have dual monitor, it makes you surprisingly easy to edit the files and see the results in real-time. And it not only useful for the HTML / CSS but also you can work with other programming language like PHP, Ruby, Perl, ASP , Java etc.


Installation is super easy.


Launch XRefresh and check for it in the traybar.

After start the icon is gray and it means that there are no browsers connected to XRefresh.

Tell XRefresh where are located your files. XRefresh will watch for your modifications.
Tip: You can simply drag&drop interesting folders onto configuration dialog.

Let Firefox or Internet Explorer connect to Xrefresh.


XRefresh has its own tab panel in Firebug window. You need to enable Firebug for particular site to enable XRefresh functionality.

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer 7 you can find XRefresh icon in the tools bar

The icon reflects the connection status. You may click it to open XRefresh Panel

Mac installation is available here (http://xrefresh.binaryage.com/#osx)

Also it is available on google code http://code.google.com/p/xrefresh/

I recommend you get this software and try it out for yourself and don’t forget to comment on it.

Alternatively you can check this video
Xrefresh – The automated refresh tool for web developers

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  1. Nitesh patel Says:
    April 18th, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    very nice tool mate thanks for sharing