Secrets of the Chrome Developer Tools

E-Commerce portals stop shipping items to Kerala?

Waiting is over.. Got new Honda Unicorn.

After some period of waiting, yesterday I received my new Honda Unicorn. I am so happy to share some pictures.

But still I remember my old splendor plus which gave me awesome mileage of 70KM / ltr. :)

Build cross platform mobile application using Adobe Flash Builder

Recently I had attended a workshop from Adobe conducted at VIVANTA Trivandrum. The workshop all about Adobe & Mobile. On the occasion Adobe has nicely introduced Adobe Flash Builder with us. The introduction took around two hours though it is very interesting.

Whats new in Abode flash builder 4.5

Adobe Flash Builder Helps to develop cross platform mobile applications in a very productive way. You can use Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 software to build mobile Flex or ActionScript applications for leading mobile platforms using a common codebase. (windows phone doesn’t support for now). Using Abode flash builder helps to write code once and run the application anywhere in the popular mobile platforms. Built in testing tool help to build higher performing applications. Once you wrote the code, you can test it on the IDE itself or on the real phone or both.

The interesting thing is that we can edit the look and feel of the application using CSS3 (style sheet) and they have been supporting around 25 languages (including RTL support) for better comparability. Checkout the features of flash builder from adobe itself. (

Wp-nyro, A WordPress plugin for thickbox alternative

NyroModal is a jQuery plugin. You can use this as an alternate for Thickbox. Since Thickbox has stopped their support, I decided to use NyroModal. Today I developed a plugin for WordPress called wp-nyro.

Integrate nyroModal jquery plugin into your blogs. Open images and native galleries on the same window without touching the html code. Wp-nyro is very simple WordPress plugin. It can be easily integrate into your front-end blogs.

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BSNL Broadband disconnection problem solved

Last couple of months I had trouble with my BSNL broadband connection. The problem happens after  upgrading my BSNL connection to multiplay. Multiplay connection offers you Internet Protocol television and video-on-demand to its broadband customers.  Ok, what ever it is, my broadband connection sucked. It restarts every few minutes and become stable after 15-20 minutes. Even it become stable it may reset again after some time, may be when you are downloading some files.

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Xrefresh – An automated refresh tool for web developers

On  Mac there is cool tool called CSSEdit, Which can write CSS lively and see the results without refreshing the browser. As I am using PC, I could not use this software. But I really wish if I could get one for PC that would be nice.

Couple of weeks back when I browsing through some website, I found Xrefresh, A software which will refresh the browser as you modify source file. And it will work on both Firefox and Internet Explorer. This software make it possible to do live page editing with your favorite HTML / CSS editor. It also supports mac.

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Managing 404, the wordpress way

Last time, when I change my blogs theme, I have missed some resources and URLs. It was not easy to find all elements in a web page. I already blogged about finding 404 elements, which is available here.

How to find the missed URLs easily?

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Solar eclipse 2010 – some experiments and pictures

Yesterday we have witnessed the solar eclipse. As an interested person, I also would like to see the various transitions of solar eclipse. As we know we can’t watch it with naked eyes.

How could I watch the solar eclipse safely?

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Malayalam typing made easy with Google IME

For the couple of year back, it was very hard to type Malayalam on computers. For generating a single character we need to use combination of keys in some Malayalam softwares.  It is very hard to remember the combination keys and it is time killing.

Earlier, Google has started Google transliteration for web interface.  So it is very easy to type Malayalam in  Blogger, Gmail, Knol, Orkut etc. Now Google has released a standalone software which you can download and install on your machine.  So even if you don’t have internet connection you can type Malayalam.

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